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Guarantee: 3 years
Applicable Industries: Agricultural equipment
Personalized assistance: OEM
Framework: Double
Substance: Other
Working Angle: –
Offered profiles: 1 3/8
Offered dimension: 1-fourteen
Yoke kind: Pushpin
Packaging Specifics: wooden crate
Port: Salerno, Italy

Items Description OUTER YOKE WITH PUSHPINOuter yokes for driveshaftsThe driveshafts must be attached to the tractor’s electricity take-off (PTO) and to the implement’s 1 (PIC, Power Input Relationship): EUROCARDAN offers a range of fastening to meet up with various application needs.Provided that the PTO shaft linked to the apply has some traits of transmissible electricity, length, safety products which make it suitable only for use on that machine, it is not advisable to use the exact same driveshaft on various equipment.For this explanation, generally at the conclude of use the driveshaft is launched from the tractor PTO and is still left connected to the implement’ Insert Ball Bearing SB201 SB208 SB207-22 SB 205 Pillow Block Bearing s PIC. To aid this procedure, the drive shaft is equipped with quick locking deviecs at tractor facet while at the implement aspect it is preferable to decide on a a lot more secure attachment. Firm Profile Energy on the goEurocardan was founded in 1982 in order to meet up with the requirements of companies of agricultural equipment who were searching for trustworthy driveshafts for their merchandise, manufactured by a firm that could genuinely comprehend their wants with integrity and professionalism. Eurocardan has usually stood out for the outstanding reliability of its goods and for its capacity to recognize industry demands, offering a wide range of high good quality and high-overall performance products.The CZPT GroupBehind the most sound businesses there is usually a productive group that supports and enhances it. The CZPT Team is a household-run business exactly where the whole management consists of individuals who were born and continuously dwell in the company philosophy of ethics, regard, commitment to operate and professionalism. This team brings together the protagonists of the marketplace of agricultural equipment and their elements. Sicma S.p.A., the flagship company of the group, is based on the technology and perfection of the cardanic techniques designed and manufactured by Eurocardan S.p.A., 1 of the most reliable European businesses of the cardan sector. Currently being CZPT to rely on Alfametal, Large Good quality pto cardan shaft tractor with slip clutch a division of large professional carpentry that operates inside and on behalf of Sicma and Eurocardan, is a gain that enables a lot more successful handle of the whole production chain, guaranteeing almost unrivalled high quality in the sector. Operating with ethics has imposed on the CZPT Group the idea of operating while respecting the environmental and energy-saving guidelines, therefore encouraging the development of CZPT Strength that addresses the use of renewable resources by exploiting the 1000’s of square meters occupied by the firms of the team to make thoroughly clean energy from the sunshine and using it for production reasons. Our Advantages 40 A long time OF INNOVATION“For virtually 40 many years, through a technically sophisticated production technique which totally embraces the CZPT of “Full Produced in Italy”, Eurocardan’ Factory Bearing FR133ZZ Mini Flanged Ball Bearings 2.380×4.762×2.38mm s mission has been to construct driveshafts for each agricultural and industrial uses, and aimed at skilled purposes all through the globe.” Certifications Accredited Eurocardan qualityISO 9001:2015 certification was awarded for the management and operational processes that permeate the entire Eurocardanorganisation: it begins with the design which is strengthened by the transformation of the materials and finishes in High quality Controland Tests. Eurocardan items also comply with the pursuing specifications: * DIR 2006/42/CE * UNI EN 12965:2007 * UNI EN ISO 5674:2007The research for CZPT is noticed in the teamwork completed in every single department at Eurocardan: the principal objective is to supply a service that exceeds the customer’s expectations. Packaging Make contact with Us Eurocardan S.p.a.Through Firenze, 25, 66041 Atessa (CH) ITALYEurocardan is positioned in Atessa (CH), in the industrial location of Val di Sangro. It is easily reachable in much less than an hour from Pescara (motorway A14, exit Val di Sangro), in which there is the airport ofAbruzzo, very hot sale ideal top quality 16000N industrial heavy obligation reduced power 12v linear actuator ip66 servo motor solar tracker linear actuator the airport of the area that connects the latter with the most essential Italian and European metropolitan areas.Tel. +1Fax +39 571.897200Email [email protected]

The Different Parts of a PTO Shaft

Power Take-Off (PTO) shafts are an integral part of a tractor’s driveline. Without them, a tractor cannot operate. It is essential to understand the different parts of a PTO shaft, as they are crucial for the operation of your tractor. These parts are typically overlooked during routine tractor maintenance checks, but knowing more about them will help you practice on farm machinery better.

Tractor’s power take-off (PTO) shaft

Shaft CollarA Tractor’s power take-off (or PTO) shaft transfers power from the tractor to an implement. These shafts typically rotate at speeds between 540 and 1000 rpm. A number of safety features help prevent accidental contact between the shaft and the implement.
In order to avoid this problem, tractor operators should be vigilant while operating their tractors. They should make sure that the tractor’s power take-off (PTO) shaft is shielded. These shields include a master shield for the PTO stub, a PTO integral journal shield, and an implement input connection shield. The PTO master shield is mounted on the tractor and extends over the PTO stub on three sides. It is designed to prevent collisions between the tractor and any connected machine drive shaft.
A power take-off (PTO) shaft is an important component on any tractor. It is a shaft that transmits mechanical power from a tractor to an implement or separate machine. Early PTOs used a transmission and were located at the rear of the tractor. They are now available with hydraulic or mechanical drivelines. These power take-offs transfer the tractor’s power to a secondary piece of equipment through a driveshaft.
Proper PTO shaft guards protect people from stepping on rotating shafts. The PTO should not compress fully at any point in the operating range. It should have several inches of overlap at the maximum operating extension. A PTO guard should be positioned properly for each machine.
Despite these benefits, there are still many risks associated with PTO shafts. These powerful and potentially dangerous pieces of machinery can cause severe injury if not used safely. Luckily, proper installation of safety shields can reduce the risk of injury.


PTO shafts come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and materials. The most common types are square and round, but there are also star-shaped and trilobed types. While the star-shaped type is a typical North American design, the trilobed and lemon-shaped varieties are typically German or Italian. Typically, the lemon-shaped ones are made of an alloy called ‘Lemon Yellow.’ In some cases, the shaft will come with snap rings.
Different manufacturers use various materials for their PTO shafts. The tube of a welded drive shaft must be strong enough to handle the force exerted by the PTO. There are many different materials available, but some are stronger than others. Before choosing the type of drive shaft that is right for your machine, make sure that you know the exact measurements of your driveline.
When deciding between different types of PTO shafts, you must also consider the materials that will be used for your particular application. While splines are the most common material for PTO shafts, you can find various types that have different uses. Carbon steel is malleable and has a low carbon content, which makes it more reliable. A ferrous steel is more durable and contains metals like nickel, chromium, and molybdenum, which make it a great alternative to carbon steel.
A PTO gearbox input shaft extends between the PTO gearbox and the PTO clutch. It is mounted with a toothed wheel 8. An inductive sensor 9 on the shaft outputs a pulsed electronic signal based on the rotational speed of the shaft. These pulsed signals are called inductive speed sensors.

Rotation direction

The PTO shaft is a critical part of the power take-off of a farm tractor. It allows the tractor to transfer power from the engine to an implement such as a mower or other garden equipment. The rotation direction of the PTO shaft depends on the type of implement. Some implements only accept rotation in one direction, while others require rotation in both directions.

Safety chain

Shaft CollarOne of the best ways to protect your PTO shaft is to use a safety chain. A safety chain is a chain that is attached to the PTO shaft, and it prevents the plastic shield from spinning on the shaft. This chain should be fastened to a suitable point on your machine or tractor. It should not be attached to the lower lift arms or the U-guard.
PTO shafts can be very dangerous if they are not guarded. They can rotate as high as 1000 rpm and could seriously injure you. It is also important to ensure that the PTO shaft guard is fitted correctly, and that the tractor is turned off before working on it. In addition, avoiding wearing loose clothing when working around a PTO shaft can help protect your life.
Another way to protect the PTO shaft is to shield the IID shaft. This can be done by using shielding over the straight part of the shaft, the PTO connection, or the Implement Input Connection. A protruding bolt or pin can catch clothing and snag it. If not shielded, the clothing can wrap around the shaft, trapping the person against it.
A good safety chain should be positioned between the tractor and the PTO shaft. The chain should be at least 50 mm wider than the PTO shaft, and should be in good condition. It should cover the entire length of the PTO shaft from the tractor to the first bearing. The PTO shaft must also be fitted with the correct bearing ring. It is also vital to ensure that the PTO guard does not bend or break, as this could result in damage to the PTO shaft.


Shaft CollarA PTO shaft shield protects the PTO shaft from possible impacts. It is typically made of plastic, but can also be made of metal. These shields are easy to damage, and are therefore preferably made of a durable material. The shields are held in place with brackets. The shields are made with two parts: an inner shield and a protective sleeve.
An improvement to the PTO shaft shield is a bracket that supports both the outer and PTO shaft. It is shown in conjunction with a towed machine in FIGS. 2 and 7. FIG. 7 is a side elevation of the bracket mounted to the tongue of the machine. This shield is designed to prevent the PTO shaft from becoming damaged during the towed process.
The main risk associated with PTO mishaps is entanglement, which can result in serious injuries. If a shaft separates from a tractor, it can strike nearby workers or people. Proper maintenance can minimize the risk of entanglement and save lives. Thankfully, equipment manufacturers have made huge strides in reducing the risk of these accidents. Operators should always make sure that the PTO shaft shield is in place to avoid the risk of entanglement.
In addition to preventing entanglement, a PTO shaft shield also helps protect the universal joints that are mounted on the PTO shaft. The shield is made of plastic or steel. It is typically shaped like an inverted U and covers both the top and sides of the shaft. A detachable PTO shaft shield is also available.
As with all parts of a PTO driveline, the PTO shaft shield should be maintained to prevent damage to the bearings. It is necessary to inspect the shield and replace it whenever it becomes damaged. PTO equipment is often used outdoors, and it is frequently exposed to crop debris, rust, and dirt that can affect the bearings. Proper maintenance will extend the equipment’s lifespan and reduce maintenance costs.
China Made in Italy outer yoke with pushpin Eurocardan cardanic shaft PTO agricultural machinery     pto shaft cover partsChina Made in Italy outer yoke with pushpin Eurocardan cardanic shaft PTO agricultural machinery     pto shaft cover parts
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